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Winnie Blues ❄️

Hello friends,  
I'm beyond excited to finally share in this new venture with you! Thank you so much for tuning in & showing your support; it really means more to me than you know..
Creating MIM STREET all on my own has felt paramount to me, to feel that I'm composing something that's personal and authentic. To create consciously, a brand that celebrates some of my favourite styles & inclinations. Teaching myself on the go has been a long, arduous commitment, but a fundamental one in my mind.
So with that,
MIM STREET bodies quality, authentic streetwear & other oddities. We're accessible, inclusive and encourage individuality & expression through personal style. My love for oversized fits & androgynous styles has been a constant throughout the chaos of life, and thus I'll endeavour to share this predominantly throughout designs. I hope within MIM STREET, you can find a safe space to be yourself. 

Through the label, I hope to document and share candidly, my own experiences within the creative industry. To collaborate with, and showcase other creatives. There's space for us all at the table.
Slow, conscious fashion and design is the hat MIM STREET dons, creating space for personality & interpretation. With this in mind, I've created unisex designs and styles. The addition of sizes serve only as a guide and stocktake tool. 
Streetwear is what I feel comfortable, and therefore is what I feel confident in. Through my eyes, streetwear exists on every block, in every city, but every person will look different wearing the same fit. I've paid mind to sourcing the original designs of beloved streetwear staples. Paying homage to the classics; a beater singlet, a hoodie 3x too big, a fresh pair of sneakers, was always on my agenda. With each thread, usually comes a rich history engrained in culture, and a soundtrack of the times. Undoubtedly, streetwear doesn't exist without music and culture. 
There's beauty & art everywhere, if we look for it. I hope to capture & share some of this through MIM STREET. With no real rules here, I've left this space in my brand open to share; poetry, interviews, studio vlogs, feature artists, collaborations, and celebrations of music & culture trends. I'd love to hear from you so feel free to drop a comment, or get in touch with me directly. 
Being an artist, for me, means constant reminders to myself that production doesn't always equate to creation. This memento, resonating with me, will be the direction of MIM STREET. Although the teething process may be rocky, I'll continue supporting slow, conscious fashion, with an emphasis on tailored, personalised detailing. 
Thank you again for your support and cheers to day one.
Love from, 

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Remi calendar_today

So excited to watch this grow and be a part of something exciting and meaningful!

Already have some MIM STREET clothing from the pre-launch and LOVE them – such great quality! I have received many compliments when wearing them.

Keep it up and know I’m behind you 100%

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